Kayaking Szczecin

Szczecin (Odra, Międzyodrze, Lake Dabie and harbour canals Szczecin Lagoon)

Canoeing trip "Following the eagle's traces" 
Discover Szczecin from the water side!

Waters of Szczecin and its surroundings thanks to their picturesqueness, diversity make these areas a real paradise for kayakers. Lovers of this form of tourism will find here many interesting routes and kayak trails.

We have prepared for you individual kayak tours on sea kayaks (which are adapted for swimming longer distances on large lakes like Lake Dabie or Szczecin Lagoon) and tourist kayaks for kayaking along Miedzyodrze, Odra and harbour channels. Apart from the famous Szczecin Venice, Wały Chrobrego, which can be seen from the level of a kayak, we also offer individual guided kayak tours. One of the most valued by our clients routes is "Following the eagle's traces'' Together with our instructor and guide you can go on a short kayak trip to see these beautiful and huge birds up close. Check the details of the offer on our website.
Explore Szczecin from the water! 

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The most popular offer of kayaking in Szczecin 

One-day seakayaking on the canals of Miedzyodrze and Lake Dabie

Route Difficultis lenght Duration Price per person

Siadlo Dolne-Dziewoklicz

easy 14 km 3-4 h from 45 PLN *

Individual kayak route with a guide
"Following the eagle's traces"


10 km
18 km

3-4 h from 75 PLN *

* with a group of at least 10 people

Example of a kayaking route along the canals of Międzyodrze

Pełny ekran

Two-person kayak rental price list 

Kayak rental time Price per kayak
over 6 days 30 PLN
5-6 days 40 PLN
3-4 days 45 PLN
1-2 day 50 PLN
waterproof case 
for phone, documents
10 PLN
Transportation of kayaks according to the table for individual rivers, and in
other cases at the rate
2,8 PLN per km

Table of canoe transport costs on the Miedzyodrze River

Destination Price
Dziewoklicz 290 PLN
Siadlo Dolne 290 PLN
Moczyly 290 PLN
Szczecin Dabie 290 PLN


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Empfohlene Kajakrouten

Kanufahrt auf der Rega Among many kayakers, Rega is considered to be one of the most attractive rivers in West Pomerania. The fourth longest river in Poland, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea, makes it extremely attractive especially for those who appreciate the proximity of wildlife and diverse character of the river during rafting.

Preis: from 40 PLN/person
Schwierigkeit: easy some difficult
Routen: 11
Länge: 9-36 km


Kayaking Drawa River Drawa is one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Poland. Clean water, picturesque lakes and diverse river sections attract kayaking enthusiasts from all over Poland. The Drawa is neither too difficult nor too burdensome, although there are mountainous sharks, obstacles and blockages, as well as trees sunk across the riverbed.

Preis: from 40 PLN/person
Schwierigkeit: easy some difficult
Routen: 10
Länge: 10-35 km


Kayaking Ina River Ina is one of the most picturesque and interesting rivers in the West Pomeranian Lakeland visited by kayakers. The most popular and most visited kayaking routes are located near Goleniów and Sowno. Despite its natural values, it is not as crowded by tourists as other local rivers.

Preis: from 40 PLN/person
Schwierigkeit: easy
Routen: 5
Länge: 9-30 km