Canoeing down the Oder River from Głogów to Szczecin

Kayaking down the Odra River - an idea for a family vacation in a kayak 7-10 days

Kayaking down the Odra from Głogów to Szczecin is a fantastic idea for an active and family vacation. Beautiful and wild landscape, diverse and safe character of the river and the silence and beautiful nature allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unlimited possibilities of camping in a tent on majestic river spurs, or beautiful grassy banks make amazing impressions especially at sunrise and sunset. The Odra River in its upper sections at the level of Głogów is relatively narrow and winding, and wild areas through which it flows are ideal for active rest in the bosom of nature. At the level of Krosno Odrzańskie we can admire beautiful hills with vineyards and enjoy fishing in one of the most game fishing ranges of the Odra. Thanks to expedition kayaks, which are available in our rental shop, multi-day rafting with all camping equipment is not a problem. Free camping and trapper's meals make it one of the cheapest active vacation ideas.  

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Multi-day kayaking trips on the Oder River with transport

River Route Distance Duration Price per person
Odra Malczyce-Szczecin 440km 10-12 days from 290 PLN*
Odra Kostrzyn n/Odrą-Szczecin 100 km 2-3 days from 150PLN*
* with min. 10 participants in kayaking
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Recommended Kayaking Routes

Kayaking Rega River Among many kayakers, Rega is considered to be one of the most attractive rivers in West Pomerania. The fourth longest river in Poland, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea, makes it extremely attractive especially for those who appreciate the proximity of wildlife and diverse character of the river during rafting.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 11
Length: 9-36 km

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Kayaking Drawa River Drawa is one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Poland. Clean water, picturesque lakes and diverse river sections attract kayaking enthusiasts from all over Poland. The Drawa is neither too difficult nor too burdensome, although there are mountainous sharks, obstacles and blockages, as well as trees sunk across the riverbed.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 10
Length: 10-35 km

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Kayaking Ina River Ina is one of the most picturesque and interesting rivers in the West Pomeranian Lakeland visited by kayakers. The most popular and most visited kayaking routes are located near Goleniów and Sowno. Despite its natural values, it is not as crowded by tourists as other local rivers.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy
Routes: 5
Length: 9-30 km

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