Kayaking and barbecue party no limited portions!

Kayaking trip with a barbecue feast - no limited portions!

Barbecue feast without limited portions after kayaking with tasting of world beers and oriental drinks is an offer addressed to those who like to eat well after physical activity in the open air. In the menu of such a feast you will find, among others: pork neck, poultry fillets, black pudding, sausages, shashlik, vegetables, sauces, salads, etc. and all of this without any separate or limited portions! - A real gourmet feast. We will also help you establish the exact menu and the route of the trip so that it is interesting and safe for the whole group.
Prices start at 130 PLN/person. 

Kayaking trip with a bonfire and roasted sausage

After a canoeing trip, a bonfire with roasted sausages, coffee and tea service or tasting world beers and oriental drinks? Why not...?! This offer is addressed both to small groups, families with children and companies as a form of integration event. We have the necessary infrastructure, as well as the necessary organizational and logistical facilities.
Prices start from 80 zł/person. 

Kayaking with a hungarian cauldron from the campfire 

The hungarian cauldron from the bonfire or the so called "pieczonka" is our unique offer addressed to those who want to stay on the camping site and enjoy a delicious and unique dish straight from the bonfire in the evening. We address this offer to small groups, families with children, as well as to companies as a form of integration of employees after a canoeing trip.
Prices start from 100 PLN per person. 

An example of a kayaking program with an integration event:

10.00 Meeting of participants at the start of the kayaking place 
10.00-10.30 "kayaking briefing", i.e. a short training in safety, rowing techniques, providing information about the kayaking route, attractions and professional kayaking warm-up led by a kayaking instructor.
10.30 - 15.00 kayaking. During the trip there is time for a regeneration break.
approx. 15.00 -15.30 lift up to the kayaking base in Resko 
ok. 15.30 - 17.00 Barbecue and sports events

The menu and detailed program of the kayaking, integration event are always agreed with the client individually a few days in advance.
Prices depend on the size of the group and the options and configuration of attractions you choose earlier.

Each kayaking can be enriched with a number of additional integration and team building attractions such as:
barbecue feasts without limited portions, tasting of "Beers of the World" and oriental drinks, Hungarian cauldron from a bonfire, team building activities, bonfire feasts with roasted sausage, roasted ram or wild boar, bartender shows, barista shows, wine tasting with sommelier, trapper saunas, paintball, rope park, off-road military vehicles, dancing/karaoke, sports and animation activities.

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Recommended Kayaking Routes

Kayaking Rega River Among many kayakers, Rega is considered to be one of the most attractive rivers in West Pomerania. The fourth longest river in Poland, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea, makes it extremely attractive especially for those who appreciate the proximity of wildlife and diverse character of the river during rafting.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 11
Length: 9-36 km

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Kayaking Drawa River Drawa is one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Poland. Clean water, picturesque lakes and diverse river sections attract kayaking enthusiasts from all over Poland. The Drawa is neither too difficult nor too burdensome, although there are mountainous sharks, obstacles and blockages, as well as trees sunk across the riverbed.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 10
Length: 10-35 km

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Kayaking Ina River Ina is one of the most picturesque and interesting rivers in the West Pomeranian Lakeland visited by kayakers. The most popular and most visited kayaking routes are located near Goleniów and Sowno. Despite its natural values, it is not as crowded by tourists as other local rivers.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy
Routes: 5
Length: 9-30 km

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