Mlynska Street Bridge, the last bridge in Stargard, on the right side behind the bridge there is a convenient place for launching canoes and launching a rafting trip.
Below on the left, the inflow of wastewater from the treatment plant has a significant impact on the organoleptic properties of the water (detergent stench and foam). To Lubów a section with beds on both sides of the river
Bridge of the local road, Klępino on the right, distance about 200m, possibility of shopping
The Małka River Estuary, right side
Lubowo Road Bridge Lubowo - Żarowo, Lubowo on the right side
Nice trussed narrow-gauge railroad bridge. The river starts to meander.
Rogowo Nice place for wild camping on a meadow in a bend of the river
Small wooden footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, in front of the bridge there are several old pillars from the previous bridge. In Rogow there is a grocery store
On the right bank there is a shelter with a table and benches (unfortunately, I don't know if it's private or public - when I was there, nobody was chasing me away), it's an interesting place for camping (250m from the Rogowo-Poczernin road), alternatively I recommend a meadow on the left bank (30m behind the shelter on the left side there is a convenient place to get out of the canoe) Poczernin.

Behind Poczernin there are many nice meadows with good places to go ashore, where you can pitch a wild camp. There are a lot of fallen trees in the riverbed, but the store is relatively easy to swim through.   In Poczernin there is a grocery store open at different times of the day.
Attention! Behind the bridge on the left is a good place to go ashore - sandy beach. The bridge of the local road to Poczernin, the town on the right side
river - Goleniowska Forest - U2, ZWB, ***, KL2,
The most picturesque section, the river meanders very strongly, flows through the Goleniowska Forest, the current is quite strong, likes to surprise and push on various obstacles especially on meanders (some meanders have an angle of turn even 180 degrees). The section (up to the estuary of the river) is regularly cleaned and developed for canoeing (launching ramps, places to eat, information boards).

Sowno Bridge of the local road, on the left side of the village Sowno, distance about 500m, no good place to get out of the canoe. Behind the bridge there are steps and a sign "Finishing the rafting".
Strumiany and bridge of the road no. 142 Szczecin - Chociwel
Łęsko bridge of local road. Just behind the bridge on the left side there is a ramp for launching canoes and a shelter with benches, a place where the "Meandra Ina" canoe trail starts, a wild camping site.
100 meters from the shore, on the left side there is a hunting lodge in Łęsk. It is possible to stay there overnight in very good conditions or, with the consent of the forester, to set up a camp next to the lodge (there are also shelters, benches and a place for a bonfire). The arrival should be consulted with the Klinisko forest inspectorate due to frequent hunting events. Going ashore is very difficult
Zabród. The possibility of setting up a wild camp on the high bank on the right side
Bend of the river, wild swimming pool, canoe launching place. Nearby, on the other side of the road, there is a place for campfire and wild camping.
Stone Mouth of the Wiśniówka River rapids
Railroad truss bridge
Bridge  Kasprowicza street
Bridge Andersa street
The entrance on the right side of Goleniowska Struga. In Goleniow there are many interesting monuments worth seeing. There is a hospital in Goleniow. Behind the bridge on the left side there is a good place to go out from the canoe, and on the very bank there is a bar. Behind the bar there is a Netto store, besides that there are many other stores in Goleniow.  Szczeciñska St. Bridge
Bridge Przestrzennej St.
Bridge of National Road No. 3
Local road bridge
On the right side there is a platform, shed and marked parking. The place is suitable for wild camping
Bridge of a local road - concrete slabs on a steel structure
bivouac Behind the bridge shed and platform
2 concrete pillars on the bridge
Ina's estuary to the Oder. It can be reached by car from the north by a road made of concrete slabs. The shelter and information board. However, the recommended place to finish rafting and kayaking is about 2.5 km to the north of the western Oder at the old ferry crossing on the right. Nearby is the village Święta.  Stanica is located on the eastern shore of Lake Dabie about 5 km southeast from the mouth of the Ina River to the Odra River.
Concrete ship (ship made of concrete) an interesting tourist attraction which is located only 1.5 km from the mouth of the Ina on Lake Dabie.
Lubczyna, marina, swimming pool, camping site, stores, convenient place for launching kayaks.