Kayaking with catering

Kayaking trips with catering 

Kayaking trip with a barbecue feast - no limited portions!
Barbecue feast without limited portions after kayaking with tasting of world beers and oriental drinks is an offer addressed to those who like to eat well after physical activity in the open air. In the menu of such a feast you will find, among others: pork neck, poultry fillets, black pudding, sausages, shashlik, vegetables, sauces, salads, etc. and all of this without any separate or limited portions! - A real gourmet feast. We will also help you establish the exact menu and the route of the trip so that it is interesting and safe for the whole group.
Prices start from 99 PLN per person. 

Kayaking trip with a bonfire and roasted sausage
After a canoeing trip, a bonfire with roasted sausages, coffee and tea service or tasting world beers and oriental drinks? Why not...?! This offer is addressed both to small groups, families with children and companies as a form of integration event. We have the necessary infrastructure, as well as the necessary organizational and logistical facilities.
Prices start from 69 PLN per person. 

Kayaking with a hungarian cauldron from the campfire 
The hungarian cauldron from the bonfire or the so called "pieczonka" is our unique offer addressed to those who want to stay on the camping site and enjoy a delicious and unique dish straight from the bonfire in the evening. We address this offer to small groups, families with children, as well as to companies as a form of integration of employees after a canoeing trip.
Prices start from 85 PLN per person. 

* The prices quoted relate to the offer for days from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday the weekend price list is valid.

The most frequently chosen offers of kayaking with catering

Kayaking route Catering Place  Time Price per person
Rega River
Resko-Żerzyno 2,5 h.
or Resko-Płoty 5-6 h.
fire with
roasted sausage
Resko 2-3h from 69 PLN
Rega River
Resko-Żerzyno 2,5 h.
or Resko-Płoty 5-6 h.
barbecue feast
no limited portions
Resko 3-4h from 99 PLN
Rega River
Łagiewniki-Resko 4 h.
or Resko-Płoty 5-6 h.
Hungarian cauldron from 
Resko 3-4h from 85 PLN

* The prices quoted relate to the offer for days from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday the weekend price list is valid.

Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy Rega spływ kajakowy

Sample route for a one-day kayaking trip on the Rega River: Resko-Zerzyno-Płoty 9 km or 20 km

Sample route of a two-day canoeing trip on the Rega River: Łagiewniki-Resko-Płoty

Price list of kayak rental
(double kayak + paddles + vests)

Kayak rental time Price per kayak/day
over 6 days 30 PLN
5-6 days 35 PLN
3-4 days 40 PLN
2 days 45 PLN
1 days 50 PLN

waterproof container
(smartphone/ documents)

free of charge, subject to availability
Transport of kayaks according to the table and in other cases according to the rate 2,5 PLN per km

Table of kayaks transport on the Rega River

 Rega river
cost of delivering the kayaks 

Place of delivery Price 
Lagiewniki  80 PLN
Zerzyno 80 PLN
Ploty 80 PLN
Lisowo 100 PLN
Belczna 120 PLN
Gryfice 150 PLN
Lobez 150 PLN
Prusinowo 150 PLN
Barkowo 150 PLN
Borzecin 150 PLN
Swidwin 150 PLN
Unimie 150 PLN
Trzebiatow 180 PLN
Polchleb 180 PLN
Klodkowo 180 PLN
Mrzezyno 230 PLN



Frequently asked questions

1. How to paddle properly?

Proper paddling technique consists primarily of the proper position of the paddler (back straight, leaning slightly forward, legs resting on the footrests) and paddling alternately keeping to the principle that the lower hand pulls the paddle rod, and the upper pushes from each other so that we paddle using also the muscles of the back.
For details it is best to ask our staff during the kayak briefing.

2. The most interesting rivers in Poland.

The Rega river is an interesting and very attractive river for kayakers. Because of its diverse character there are routes for families with children as well as for those who are looking for bigger challenges. The upper routes from Swidwin to Resko are definitely the routes for more experienced people who can steer a kayak and are not afraid to get their feet wet while crossing many obstacles on the trail. Below Resko the character of the river is more lazy and the river meanders among forests and meadows flowing through 2 lakes, occasionally you may come across fallen trees across the river.
What are nice kayaking routes near Szczecin?
Ina river is very pleasant and calm river that delights kayakers especially on the route Sowno - Lesko and Lesko - Goleniow. Ideal river for one or two days rafting. 
Płonia river - perfect river for people living in Szczecin area who want to feel the closeness of wild nature just few minutes away from the city. The most popular route is from Jezierzyce to Płonia camping site in Szczecin Dąbie. At the finish line of the rafting trip there are wats and places designated for bonfires. This place is managed by municipal forest in Szczecin. 
Drawa river - is the most popular river among canoeists in West Pomeranian. However, due to its unusual popularity it is very crowded especially at weekends within the Drawa National Park. Therefore, if you are looking for peace and quiet and you want to paddle this wonderful river, it is best to plan your trip in the middle of the week or bypass the Drawa National Park and choose routes which are equally interesting but less crowded with tourists. The most wild and recommended routes include Lubie Lake - Poligon (Wiry Lake) or Drawsko - Pomorskie - Lubie Lake or Rzepowo - Drawsko Pomorskie below DNP Stare Osieczno - Łokacz Wielki.

3. Czy można pić alkohol na kajaku?

Alkohol jak i środki odurzające są  podczas spływu zabronione. 

Need help?

not sure what to choose?

Call us or write, we will help you choose the best river matching your skills and expected attractions.

Recommended Kayaking Routes

Kayaking Rega River Among many kayakers, Rega is considered to be one of the most attractive rivers in West Pomerania. The fourth longest river in Poland, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea, makes it extremely attractive especially for those who appreciate the proximity of wildlife and diverse character of the river during rafting.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 11
Length: 9-36 km

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Kayaking Drawa River Drawa is one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Poland. Clean water, picturesque lakes and diverse river sections attract kayaking enthusiasts from all over Poland. The Drawa is neither too difficult nor too burdensome, although there are mountainous sharks, obstacles and blockages, as well as trees sunk across the riverbed.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 10
Length: 10-35 km

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Kayaking Ina River Ina is one of the most picturesque and interesting rivers in the West Pomeranian Lakeland visited by kayakers. The most popular and most visited kayaking routes are located near Goleniów and Sowno. Despite its natural values, it is not as crowded by tourists as other local rivers.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy
Routes: 5
Length: 9-30 km

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