Single kayak Necky Zoar

Necky Zoar one-person kayak

Technical specifications:

  • Length 426 cm 
  • Width 64 cm
  • Weight ca 23 kg
  • Volume 350 l 
  • Load capacity 140 kg
  • Dimensions of the cockpit: 92 x 50 cm
  • Capacity of luggage compartments:
  • front 50-80 l, rear 105 l
  • Max. kayaker weight: 130 kg

Necky Zoar is a very fast tourist single. Perfectly profiled hull makes it very agile and easy to overcome obstacles encountered on the river. It is perfect for long distances and multi-day trips. It has a large luggage compartment at the stern and a considerable cargo space inside the hull at the bow. There are a lot of ropes and straps on board, which can be used to mount lighter luggage.

It's a perfect kayak for several days of kayaking expeditions. Fast, very stable, resistant to damage and very capacious. Ideal for paddlers of large size who can't fit into smaller models of kayaks. It has 3 baggage compartments including one for hand luggage with special net for easy handling.

Single-person kayak rental price list Necky "Zoar" 
(single kayak + paddle + vest)

Kayak rental time Price per kayak per day
over 6 days 25 PLN
5-6 days 30 PLN
3-4 days 35 PLN
1-2 days 40 PLN
waterproof case 
for phone, documents
free of charge
Transportation of kayaks according to the table for individual rivers, and in
other cases at the rate
2,5 PLN per km
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Kayaking Rega River Among many kayakers, Rega is considered to be one of the most attractive rivers in West Pomerania. The fourth longest river in Poland, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea, makes it extremely attractive especially for those who appreciate the proximity of wildlife and diverse character of the river during rafting.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 11
Length: 9-36 km

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Kayaking Drawa River Drawa is one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Poland. Clean water, picturesque lakes and diverse river sections attract kayaking enthusiasts from all over Poland. The Drawa is neither too difficult nor too burdensome, although there are mountainous sharks, obstacles and blockages, as well as trees sunk across the riverbed.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy some difficult
Routes: 10
Length: 10-35 km

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Kayaking Ina River Ina is one of the most picturesque and interesting rivers in the West Pomeranian Lakeland visited by kayakers. The most popular and most visited kayaking routes are located near Goleniów and Sowno. Despite its natural values, it is not as crowded by tourists as other local rivers.

Price: from 40 PLN/person
Difficulty: easy
Routes: 5
Length: 9-30 km

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