Swidwin - Bridge near the castle of the Order of St. John (road no. 152, Niedziałkowskiego Street). 500 m left BIEDRONKA (Woj. Polski 29), NETTO (Woj. Polski 4A).
Bridge to Póchleb village  (road 151). 100m before the bridge on the left side of the roadside parking lot with a shelter (place for launching canoes). 100m below the bridge on the left bank there is a meadow, where you can try to pitch a tent in a crisis situation with the consent of the owner.
A tributary of Stara Rega on the left.
Prusinowo. Hydroelectric power plant - pass it from the left site about 60 m.
On the right, a camping site and agritourism "Anielkowo". Tel: 576861267 Ms Bożenka or tel: 667762410.
Lobez - weir and move on the left 70m. Behind the weir on the right, on the very bank of the pizzeria "Roma". (Boczna 17, tel. 606441135), and 100m away POLOMARKET (Browarna 6). At the bridge (road 148) NETTO (Pocztowa 22a). Numerous stores and Bar "Pasztecik". (400m) with fast food (Independence 1; phone: 91/397-45-46). A pierogiarnia at the corner of Niepodległości and Ogrodowa Streets is particularly recommendable.
The "Wolf's Harbor" camping site (Toi Toi Toi, a piece of shed without any comfort; close to TESCO.
The wooden bridge "Gypsy footbridge", and on the right side of it there is a charming camping site of the forest inspectorate (a bench with a canopy, a place for a bonfire, a forest, a former fortified settlement).
A wooden bridge and a camping site on the right (a bench with a canopy).
The inflow from the lake. Bumblebees on the left. Before the tributary on the right, a camping site.
The bridge, and with it a convenient resting place on the left. Further on, a very difficult technical stage of Rega almost to Lagiewniki begins, due to the numerous trees sunk in the riverbed. It is possible to sail down in two-person kayaks with luggage, but it requires a lot of physical effort and high resistance to the inconvenience of the route.
Lagiewniki - bridge. OK. 300m before the bridge on the slope on the left a meadow with ruins of an old sprinkler system, recommended as a nice place for camping. Immediately before the bridge on the right is another wooded camping site (benches with a canopy, proximity of the road, difficult exit from the water).
Resko - a concrete bridge, followed by a weir of a hydroelectric power plant - moves on the right side of 200m (a street between the Rega Hotel and the tenement house). From this passage to the canoeing marina we have only about 300m. To the right of the bridge there are stores about 150m (Jedności Narodowej Street) and a particularly recommended restaurant Mozaika Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street 14. Within the marina there is a monument commemorating the Rega rafting through Karol Wojtyla.
A metal footbridge, and in front of it, on the right, the camping site kom. 502600131 Rafał and our kayak base szkolakakakowa.pl, mobile. 692322674 Adam (english)
Żerzyno - hydroelectric power plant. About 300m before the power plant, on the left, a wild camping site with a shelter and a place for bonfire. Moved on the right side about 100m, and next to it, a wild camp without a shelter.
On the left, a viewpoint with the possibility of camping. The beginning of the fox tank.
Uklei's mouth on the left. To the right, the influence on Lisowskie Lake. On the left by an old fallen oak tree wild camp.
Lisowo village dam with a power plant. About 500m earlier on the left by the wilderness and on the slope on the right, at the height of the old platforms wild camping. Moving 100m on the right side (place for a bonfire).
Ploty city - weir and dam with power plant. Moving about 50m to the right side (forest path). On the left before the road bridge the old castle, and behind the bridge a new one with a canoeing marina and a tent field (paid field, WC, shower, benches). About 700m from the DINO marina (Słoneczna 4), previously Biedronka and on the way (Jedności Narodowej) numerous smaller stores. Next to the Orlen station (I Armii W.P. street), about 400m from the marina - pizza, kebab, homemade dinners.
Rekowy outlet on the right. Impact on Lake Rejowickie.
Island on Lake Rejowickie, intimate place to stop (max. 1 tent).
Gardominka outlet on the left. At the outlet on the left there is a possibility of a short camping at the parking lot.
Smolęcin - a dam with a power plant. Moving 250 m to the left side, along the fence! Do not follow the main road because it will not lead to the river. The possibility of a short wild camping.
Gryfice - a marina with a campsite (toilet, shower, benches). BIEDRONKA 600m (Sportowa 12), LIDL 600m (J. Dabskiego 2), pizzeria "Lucyfer" 700m (Bankowa 6, phone 91/3845969), pizzeria "Macroni" 800m (Akacjowa 4, phone 502934441), tavern "Dragon" 900m (Śniadeckich 11, phone 697096801).
A bridge and a weir under it. Moving 100m to the right side.
Bridge on road 105. In front of it, on the right, the Japanese Garden behind Lidl
The Lubieszowa Estuary on the right. At the mouth of the cape there is a possibility of a short camping.
A pedestrian bridge on the Skalin-Dziadowo route, and in front of it, on the left, a place for camping.
The concrete bridge Borzęcin, and in front of it there is a place for a wild camping.
21,9 km
Kłodkowo - camping
18,1 km
Gąbin - on the right side there is a swimming pool and a place for wild camping.
15,6 km
Trzebiatów - weir. If we don't plan to stay in the kayaking station in Trzebiatow, we carry the kayaks on the right side of the 50m drive. If you want to spend the night, you must kayaking on the left side of the river, to the camping by the Mlynowka channel.
14,1 km
On the Młynówka channel is nice camping  (full sanitary facilities, benches). Shops ect. 
13,7 km
Bridge over Mlynowka. On our way from the watchtower, we will move 150m on the right side back to Rega. The alternative is to return to the weir (15.6 km) and move 50m to the right side.
13 km
Bridge over the Rega River. NETTO and INTERMARCHE 100m to the right (Podmiejska and Nowa 8), BIEDRONKA 500m to the right (Torowa 20B - you can previously enter St. George's Pond), Pizza & Pub "Hattrick" 450m (Dworcowa 13, phone 516002236).
12,7 km
Bridge over the Rega River (road no. 109). BIEDRONKA on the left behind the bridge (Parkowa 4).
7,9 km
The exit of Włodarka channel on the left. The possibility of a short camping in the wild.
1,4 km
Old Rega drain to the right.
0,5 km
Mrzeżyno - bridge, and camping on the right (full sanitary facilities, bar, common room). Baltic coast and the beach 500m
0 km
Rega's estuary into the sea. Before entering the Baltic Sea, however, it is recommended to check the weather conditions beforehand as there may be strong currents and large waves at the Regi outlet itself.